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AI Tools and Applications:
Graphic Design

Outstanding AI applications in digital marketing and branding begin with striking graphic design. Designs, after all, tend to stick in people's memories more than a company's mission or its operations.

AI, Graphic Design

Photo: Tara Winstead

June 29, 2023 | 4 min read


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Imagine two golden curves forming an ‘M’; 


The first thing that pops into your mind is McDonald's, right? 


This illustrates the power of design in marketing.


Too Long, Don't Read


1. AI's Influence on Marketing and Branding: AI applications in graphic design and digital marketing have enhanced branding through compelling designs and optimized marketing strategies.


2. Customizable AI-assisted Design Tools: Tools like Adobe Sensei and Gravit Designer provide numerous features, facilitating personalized designs and offering insights into customer engagement.


3. Ready-to-use AI Marketing Tools: Platforms such as, AdCreativeAI, and DesignsAI provide instant design and marketing solutions, including rapid art creation and brand-centric designs.


4. AI's Advantages for Small Businesses: AI tools, catering to both advanced users and beginners, offer cost-effective and efficient design solutions, making them particularly beneficial for small business owners.


5. The Imperative of AI Adoption: Businesses are encouraged to adopt AI tools for a competitive edge in the digital world, due to their potential in improving design outcomes and refining marketing strategies.


For the next three minutes we aim to showcase the potential of AI marketing tools, particularly AI-assisted graphic design tools, that we employ for our clients because we acknowledge the critical role of compelling design in establishing a successful online presence through our websites.


For small business owners, hiring a graphic designer might seem daunting, or it may not even cross your mind. However, the AI revolution offers a solution that can potentially meet your design needs based on your requirements.


Let's dive into two categories of tools: 


AI-assisted graphic design tools with a learning curve that offer greater customization and out-of-the-box tools that anyone can readily use.


AI applications for customizable graphic design with a learning curve:


1. Adobe Sensei:


Adobe Sensei is a game-changing AI application for design and targeted marketing. Here are its key benefits:


- Enhance Creativity: Facilitates the creation of visually striking content and the generation of personalized designs.


- Optimize Marketing: Understands user behavior, enabling you to target specific customer segments for effective and efficient marketing.


- Obtain Insights: Provides valuable insights into customer engagement to refine your marketing strategies.


- Generative AI: Translates text prompts into graphic images, assisting with micro-tasks within the overall design process.


- Integrated Cloud Systems: All of your design tools are housed in one place with the power of AI at your fingertips.


2. Gravit Designer:


This AI-assisted graphic design tool is perfect for those seeking to design efficiently and effectively. Its key features include:


- Wealth of Features: Offers various tools to simplify creating stunning visuals.


- AI-assisted Pathfinder Tool: Combines shapes into a single object, enhancing your design process.


- Pattern Recognition: Identifies patterns in designs and accurately recreates them.


- Precision: Ensures perfect vector shapes and paths, eliminating guesswork.


- Drag & Drop: Allows easy adjustment of your design without starting from scratch.


Some notable mentions to this list are AI marketing tools like Vectornator Pro, Snappa, and Uizard, each offering unique features like shape recognition, real-time collaboration, prototyping, and 3D animations that all add value to your design process.


Out-of-the-box AI marketing tools that are ready to use:


  • Jasper AI

  • AdCreativeAI

  • DesignsAI, offers rapid art creation, high-quality outputs, AI writing tools, and commercially friendly pricing.


AdCreativeAI, is an innovative platform that is transforming digital advertising with AI-powered creativity, quick ad variation generation, emotionally charged ad copies, autonomous ad design decisions, and ROI-focused ad creatives.


DesignsAI is a platform that makes design accessible for all with rapid portfolio creation, innovative AI tools, a vast resource library, brand-centric designs, and collaborative and unrestricted use.


I’ll leave you with this…


The progress in artificial intelligence has undeniably broadened its applications across various sectors, including digital marketing and graphic design.


AI applications and AI marketing tools have proved to enhance creativity, boost productivity, and optimize marketing strategies.


These AI-assisted graphic design tools cater to both advanced users and those seeking quick and straightforward solutions. I strongly recommend businesses of all sizes to at least consider these tools and tap into the power of AI for improved design outcomes, targeted marketing, and overall brand success.


In today's digital world, design is crucial, and using AI tools can provide your business a competitive advantage like never before.

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